Smartphone Speedquizzing Event

This is the ultimate quiz night! 
​Fingers on the buzzer…….Go!

Welcome to SpeedQuizzing

Using the latest tech we can link a multitude of your own communication platforms into a quiz night situation through our own private network we set up within the room. Your smartphone becomes the input device with a changing screen becoming several interactive button options –
Lockout buzzer, Multi choice buttons, Number/Letter input, Answer voting.

Teams of up to 5 people to a single device, each team has an individual name that appears on the large screen upon being a correct quickest answer. Along with individual buzzer sounds that belt out over the PA system, things get quite hectic as the 10 second countdown clicks in and the players try to guess the multi point answer or hit the lockout buzzer & submit it into the system.
This can be tailored to a corporate evening with your own question and answers included within a round (organised beforehand). Speedquizzing Smartphone events go down a storm.

Useable at any event the full sized quiz takes between 2 & 3 hours with breaks between rounds.

You supply all the prizes for the winner or spot question bonuses etc.

We supply the quiz system (excluding the smartphones, you use your own), PA system and Large video screen.
For pubs we recommend this for your midweek promotion nights – We provide advertising & poster templates.
We supply a quiz pack for the night but can modify a round beforehand to be customised to a company or personal situation.

Questions are called out by DJ Ade North & displayed on the large screen, as is the team names & scoreboard etc.